База отдыха «Денисов мыс»
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RUРеспублика Карелия, Пряжинский район, деревня Алекка 67км

The country club “Denisov Myis”
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Pryazhinskiy district,
67th km




The country club «Denisov Myis» - is a vivid place that seems to have been created by Nature specially to rest in Karelia. It is located 67 kilometers far from Petrozavodsk, the capital of the Republic of Karelia. It is a narrow piece of land hugged by the waters of Syamozero, one of the richest in fish lakes of Karelia, by two sides. Pine forest and original landscape, birds singing and waves sounding, cozy wooden cottages and guest houses of Karelia equipped with fireplaces and patios – this is what real Karelia, clean and friendly, is about.


There is - a hotel-restaurant complex, 7 cottages, steam sauna on the lake’s store, a quay with motorboats. There are two dining halls (for 50 and 30 persons) on the first floor of the hotel-restaurant complex, and there are four 2-bed hotel rooms with facilities, a game room and a lounge zone on the second floor, and there is a room for playing pool on the ground floor. The accommodation suit 40 people with additional places for 56 persons. The small hall of the restaurant can be transformed into a conference hall, we have all the necessary equipment for holding official events.

The steam sauna with wooden steam room is located 30 meters from the lake’s shore. There are 2 stoves, toilets and bathrooms in it. You can order anything from the restaurant to the rest zone equipped with a DVD-TV and suitable for up to 15 persons.

The summer-houses were specially created for making barbeque, 15 people can find a good place to rest and chat there in any season.

Also there is a 40-meters remote pier and a special area for deckchairs on the territory of the country club.

«Denisov Myis» - is an ideal place for family vacation, corporative events and for real fishmen.

Why is it named “Denisov” (Denis’s)?

Long time ago tsar Peter the Great traveled along the Russian North. His way to Sankt-Petersburg was along the Syamozero lake. The tsar procession stopped in a small village on the shore of the lake. Locals were very nervous when they found out what a great guest they had and decided to dine and wine him. They laid the table with a lot of meals where the main treat was fish from Syamozero – zander and water-belly.

Peter the Great tasted their food for a long time but soon enough the locals understood that the tsar was unsatisfied with something! The food turned out not to have enough salt in it! The tsar asked for salt and everyone became worried and Peter heard the answer in Karelian language: “Ei Ssola!” what meant “no salt”.

The tsar got angry. But then a young man stepped out of the crowd and gave him something. It was salt! Peter continued his meal with pleasure, thanked everybody for tasteful meals and warm stay, and gave presents to the young man. He asked the man: “What is your name and where did you get salt?” At first the man was shy but then he told that his name was Deonisiy, he often went to forest and collected mushrooms and berries, and that he loved fishing. And that he had a precious place on the cape (“myis”) of the Syamozero lake and he had a log cabin there. It was there where he noticed white stones which were salty.    

Later on the place was named after the young man – “Deonisov” or simply “Denisov”, and the place where it happened was called “Essoila”!