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RUРеспублика Карелия, Пряжинский район, деревня Алекка 67км

The country club “Denisov Myis”
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Pryazhinskiy district,
67th km





Excursion to the nursery of huskies.

421565495You will get to know haskies, ride a dog sled and snow sledges, admire reindeers, get in touch with the unique culture of forest Sami people. You will visit the houses of Sami, see the old objects of life, drink tea made of Karelian healing plants, and taste Karelian bakery.

You will have a chance to go to the residency of Karelian Father Frost – Talvi Ukko – and even visit his office where all the weather agreements are signed.

Price of the excursion per person: 1 550 rub per person.

Price includes: walk on the reindeer farm, visiting of sled-dogs’ nursery, tea time in a yaranga (type of house), visit of the residence of Talvi Ukko.


Excursion in Karelia – Ruskeala Mining Park

134The official name of the perk today is “Marble Quarries XVII – XX centuries”. The excursion will tell you about the unique natural and artificial landscapes of Ruskeala which were created by humans. A great bowl cut with human hands in the body of the marble bed which had been formed on the bottom of the ancient sea almost 2 billion years ago is of 456 meters length from North to South and up to 100 meters width. It is half filled with pure ground water of emerald green color and framed with both flat and bluff rocks some of which are 25 meters high. The sides of the mining are pierced with under- and on-water adits, drifts and pits.

Ruskeala Mining Park was created in 2005 on the basis of the remarkable artificial heritage of Russia - marble mine Ruskeala.

Not a lot of people can stay indifferent when seeing the 50-meters vertical pit, passing the adit and the bridge above the monolithic bed of 12 meters thickness. During the excursion you will explore the unique natural and artificial landscapes of Ruskeala created by human work. The excursion will let you enjoy the rest in Karelia to the greatest extent

On your way back you will stop at the Tokchminsk waterfalls where the legendary movie about the World War II “The Dawns Here are Quiet” was shot.

Price of the excursion per person: 3 800 rub per person.

Price includes: transfer services, enter fee to the mining park, excursion in the mining park.



 1 The Kizhi island is located on the Onega Lake among skerries – a great number of islands stretching from North to South. The famous architectural ensemble is located on Kizhi (the Transfiguration Church – 1714, the Church of the Intercession - 1764, the bell tower of the Kizhi Pogost - 1874). The oldest remaining wooden church in Russia - Church of the Resurrection of Lazarus from Murom Monastery (XIV century) – peasant houses and household buildings are situated here on the Kizhi island. Some of those buildings were created here and some of them (not a lot) were transferred from other places. Legend says that the buildings were created just with the help of an axe (without any other instruments) and when the craftsman finished his work he threw it away into the lake.

The Kizhi State Open Air Museum of History, Architecture and Ethnography is one of the first open air museums in Russia. The restauration of the Kizhi architectural ensemble in 1940s started the formation of the museum. Now there are 87 monuments of heritage in the Kizhi open air museum.

The Kizhi Ensemble is the UNESCO World cultural and natural heritage site from 1990. The main aim of the museum is to show the original features of the culture and peculiar issues of house holding of different regions and ethnic groups of Karelia. The culture of Zaonezhie takes the leading role here. Zaonezhie is a historical and cultural area which includes the Kizhi island; here the Slavic culture is reflected to the biggest extent, its main characteristics are unique and vivid here. It is near the Kizhi island where the most famous Russian epics were created.

Price of the excursion per person: 3400 rubles. The excursion only on monday!

Price includes: transfer: “Denisov Myis” country club – Petrozavodsk - “Denisov Myis” country club, transfer on a comet boat: Petrozavodsk – Kizhi – Petrozavodsk, enter fee to the museum, excursion in the Kizhi park


Excursion in Karelia to Martsialnye Vody – Kivach

 3Kivach is a geomorphological natural heritage of the State. The waterfall was the second plain waterfall in Europe after the Rhine Falls. It is a 10.7 m high cascade. It was formed as a result of the running of the Suna river. It became even deeper due to the high rocks in the place where the water fell into the river.

There is a Karelian legend how the waterfall was formed. For a long time twin-sister rivers Suna and Shuya run together and didn’t want to separate. Suna let its sister run through a more convenient river bed and then decided to rest and fell asleep. When Suna (from the word “сон” or “dream”) woke up it found out that Shuya is far away and it rushed to catch up with the sister turning over and crushing stones and rocks on its way. That is how the waterfall was formed.

Hydrogeological object of the State heritage -mineral springs of the health resort “Martsialnyie Vody” - is located on the area of the Kondopoga region, 54 km North from Petrozavodsk. This first Russian health resort was based in 1719 by Peter the Great.

Martsialnyie Waters have a significant and multiple impact on health. Martsialnyie Waters raise body resistance to infections, influence the secretion of digestive organs, make the appetite better, have good impact on blood condition by raising the content of haemoglobin, and improve overall health. A person can drink Martsialnyie Waters in preventive measures as normal table water especially if he/she has anemia or is weak after an illness.

Price of the excursion per person: 3 750 rub per person.

Price includes: transfer, work of a guide, enter fee to the museum. NB! Dinner in the café is not included but can be paid for – 300 rub per person.


Rubcheila village

karelia 04Rubcheila village is located in the Pryazha district in 20 km away from the country club “Denisov Myis”. From the point of view of scientists this is an interesting natural and architectural ensemble. The village is situated far from big rivers and lakes, and its landscape is plane and quiet.

There are several buildings stated as the heritage here in Rubcheila. The house of Ermolaev (2nd half of the XIX century) is one of them. The house looks exactly like it used to look, moreover there is a collection of objects of peasant household of the beginning of the XX century presented here. The house is situated near the road right in the centre of the village. It is rectangle in the plan, the roof has two slopes, there is one floor for living and two floors for household – it is a pattern of housing typical for Karelians-livvikis (one of the peoples of Karelia).

Thanks to its unusual planning and unique beauty the Rubcheila village is a fantastic place to rest in Karelia in summer and it has been a favorite place for some Karelian artists for a long time.

Price of the excursion per person: 1 400 rub per person.

Price includes: transfer to the village and back, excursion in the village, dinner with the meals of the national cuisine, songs of the Karelian chorus


Excursions to Karelia – “Three bears” zoological complex

23388Ecological excursion to the “Three bears” zoo complex. The complex is located on the scenic shore of the Syamozero lake.

You will have an amazing opportunity to find out about Karelian animals and natural sights of the region! You will not just be able to see animals but also to feed them! Among the animals are elks - and they are ready to know you better! Everyone will have a chance to pet these huge and tender creatures and feed them with a crust of bread!

There are a lot of wild animals living in their natural habitat here which you will see in the zoo complex: bears, lynxes, elks, deer, and chinchillas.

Price of the excursion per person: 1 250 rub per person. For children younger 12: 950 rub. For children younger 3: free of charge.

Price includes: transfer to the zoological complex and back, excursion in the complex, enter fee to the complex.


Excursion programme to the national village Kinerma in Karelia

4051Kinerma is translated as the “precious land” from the Karelian language. It was found around 400 years ago. The unique feature of Kinerma is that its 10 of 17 buildings are considered to be the State heritage. That is why Kinerma is not a simple abandoned village but a real heritage object of wooden architecture of Karelian livvikis (one of the peoples of Karelia).

The houses in the village make a circle; a chapel and a cemetery are in the centre of that circle. The chapel is dated from the XVIII century and the from generation to generation locals tell the legend of its marvelous creation. The legend says: a soldier was coming back from the duty, and there was an icon of the Smolensk Holy Mary in his backpack. He was very hungry. He decided to make an exchange with a bread seller and to change the icon for bread – but suddenly he got blind. When he returned the icon his sight was back. The soldier did make his way to the Kinerma village, slept there and then left. Out of nowhere the locals heard a voice that asked for rescue. Thus they found the icon and created the chapel right on that place. The locals of Kinerma believe that the icon has saved their village from many troubles.

There is also an interesting story about the number of fir-trees around the chapel. The story says that when the chapel was created 13 fir-trees (due to the number of the Apostles) were planted around it. Old people say that if a fir-tree falls something bad is going to happen. For example a tree fell when there was the catastrophe at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. Now there are 10 fir-trees here.

Price of the excursion per person: 2 550 rub per person.

Price includes: transfer to the village and back, excursion in the village, dinner with the meals of the national cuisine



7The Valaam archipelago is located in the northern part of Lake Ladoga. The area of the archipelago was granted with the status of a national park in 1999. The area of the park is 24 700 hectares and only 3 600 hectares are occupied by islands. The largest island is Valaam (2 800 hectares) that gave the name to both the archipelago and to the monastery on it.

During its history of several hundreds of years that takes its start in the X – XI centuries the monastery created the unique landscape and architectural complex which is known all over the world today. In 1992 the President of the Russian Federation stated Valaam as the historical heritage of the Russian people.

The history of the monastery is rich in events but still the first thing that draws tourists’ attention is the nature of Valaam. It is absolutely unique. In the XIX century Valaam became some kind of the school of art of scenery where some graduates of the Saint Petersburg Imperial Academy of Arts prepared their graduate works. I. Shishkin, A. Gine, F. Vasiliev were among them. They visited Valaam many times and immortalized its sceneries on their pictures which are presented in the most famous museums of the world today.

Price of the excursion per person: 5740 rubles per person.

Price includes: transfer to the village and back, excursion programme on Valaam, transfer on a comet boat, songs of monastery’s chorus, and dinner in refectory


Rafting in Karelia

Rafting is absolutely safe and it suits both those who rest with children and older people. This kind of rest will let you be a part of Karelian nature. You will travel on a raft for 8 km on the river with 3 rapids of the 1st and the 2nd categories of complexity. A tasty fish-soup and warm fire will add even more positive emotions to the ones you’ve got! 


Price of the excursion per person: 2600 rubles per person.

Price includes: transfer services, work of instructors, rent of equipment, dinner in the end


Excursions in Karelia – Solovetsky islands

9The islands of the Solovetsky archipelago are wide known throughout the world and attract thousands of tourists and pilgrims every year. Its popularity is explained by the unique history which is closely connected with the history of humans’ development in the North-East of the continent. An educated person always remembers about the Solovki when speaking about the history of northern and eastern territories.

Unique nature, amazing architecture, the riches of northern flora and fauna, a great number of archeological and architectural monuments, national sacred place, the Solovetsky prison camp – all these is Solovki.

The architectural monuments of the Solovetsky archipelago astonish with their harmony, beauty and rationality. There are 256 objects of heritage – complexes, cells and individual buildings.

Price of the excursion per person: 5400 rubles per person.

Price includes: transfer services, work of instructors, enter fee and excursions.