База отдыха «Денисов мыс»
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RUРеспублика Карелия, Пряжинский район, деревня Алекка 67км

The country club “Denisov Myis”
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Pryazhinskiy district,
67th km


Crossover tour









"Tank road"










Duration: 1 day

Distance: 200 км


09.00 - 10.00 – country club “Denisov Myis”. Meeting, getting to know with instructors. The start of the summer rest in Karelia.

10.00 –Departure from the country club and start of the route: villages Alekka – Essoila – Prokkoila – Sodder – Hyrsula.

Preliminary instructions on driving a crossover and safety orientation on the road. A testing trip with the instructor. Driving on forest and earth roads.

11.00 – Special part of the road «Tank road». Overpassing the difficult part and the impassibility of roads.

You can strengthen the skills of driving a crossover and find out the rules of moving on earth roads, you will overpass swamps, timber lorries’ ruts, fords, springs and wrecked bridges. You will get new methods of a crossover driving: not once your group will have to use a winch; the instructor will always be near you to help in difficult situations.

13.00 - Tea-time outside on the route.

15.00 – Stop on the route near the Tulmozero cast-iron factory. Don’t forget to have your cameras with you. The instructor will tell you the story of this place.

16.00 - You will go to the Kinerma village. Hot dinner, tea with national Karelian bakes – “kalitki” – and a fascinating tour of the ethnic Kinerma village will wait here for you! You will visit the Chapel of Smolensk Virgin Mary (the end of ХVII century)

18.00 – Here we go on board again! Route through villages Kinerma – Vedlozero – Savinovo – Rubcheila.

Stop in one of the oldest villages Rubcheila (XVIII century).

Researchers of wooden architecture of Karelia consider Rubcheila to be the united architectural natural ensemble. There is a chapel in pine-tree grove that is dated the 2nd half of the XIX century. This village is a favorite place for some Karelian artists.

Returning to the country club “Denisov Myis”.

20.00 – Getting certificates in overpassing the route.


Price :

5500 rub. per person if there are 3 persons in a car;

7500 rub. – per person if there are 2 persons in a car.

Price includes: rent of a crossover (ready for overcoming the impassibility of roads), fuels, work of instructors, meals, excursions, visiting of ethnic Kinerma village, diplomas in overpassing the route for participants.

Additional services: video shots. A movie on the results of the crossover tour – 20 000 rub. Length of the movie – 40 minutes + video clip – 2-3 minutes.