База отдыха «Денисов мыс»
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RUРеспублика Карелия, Пряжинский район, деревня Алекка 67км

The country club “Denisov Myis”
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Pryazhinskiy district,
67th km


Corporate events

The main question of every event manager of a company is - where to hold a corporate celebration? Can it be active, fun, affordable and interesting for everyone at the same time?

We have something good to offer you: corporate rest in the “Denisov Myis”: it is simple and easy, only 67 km away from Petrozavodsk – and you already enjoy scenic nature and fresh air at the shore of Lake Syamozero where our country club “Denisov Myis” is located.

The country club “Denisov Myis” organizes all kinds of corporative events. Great nature, the closure of the lake, the amazing combination of fresh air and the detachment of city fuss create wonderful atmosphere for corporate rest.

Our opportunities:

  • To accommodate 31 persons on separate beds and 41 persons if mezzanines are considered
  • Rest in nature (areas for active events, big picnic zone)
  • Rope city (overpassing obstacles at height)
  • Volleyball area
  • Team building (we offer several programmes of team building games)
  • Paint-ball area

The combination of official-entertaining programme with free spirit sport games is what your workers will remember for a long time. And they will have a chance to recollect the celebration with the help of photos’ slide-show.

Details for the preparation of a corporative event: Hall’s decorations:

  • within a given theme or with your corporate colours;
  • Sound system (professional acoustic system, 2 microphones);
  • Light equipment;
  • Host of the event;
  • Show-programme;
  • Sport games (summer and winter ones);
  • Contests (from modern to traditional Russian ones);
  • Teambuilding;
  • Paint-ball and paint-ball tournaments;
  • Walk touristic routes;
  • Special banquette menu.

“Denisov Myis” is ready to organize your corporate event from the very start to the end, from invitations to festive fireworks.

Corporate rest is an important part of every group’s life that can stimulate it to further professional success, bring new emotions and additional stimulus to the development of business – thus you should not abandon it.

We will hold any corporate rest at the highest level.


Corporative active events



«Sherwood» - is a unique city that was created in the deep pine-tree forest at the shore of the lake in the crowns of huge Karelian pine-trees. You will take part in a lot of attractions of the robe city such as “hung barrels”, “spider’s web”, and “stairs into heaven”. You will feel a real hero overpassing interesting and breathtaking trials.  Price: 500 rub per person.


Paint-ball – is one of the main attributes of corporate rest.  Guaranteed amount of positive emotions for a long time indeed. Price: 750 rub per person.

Laser tag – is almost the same game as paint-ball but it has one difference. Every player gets a laser tag pistol and a head bandage with sensors that will define the hit of the object. Weapon shoots with a laser ray. You hear all the natural sounds of shooting and change of bullets. You will have no bruises or grazes. Price: 650 rub per person


Outdoor entertainment programme.  An active course aimed at the development of responsibility for common results, ability to react fast and make decisions together. Plenty of positive emotions, unforgettable impressions. Price: 350 rub per person.



Safari on snow mobiles. An amazing 2-hours route on forest paths where you will have a chance to see one of the oldest churches of Karelia - the chapel of the Descent of the Holy Spirit (XVI century) and the non-freezing spring with purest water.  Price: 2 500 rub per person if there are 2 persons on a snow mobile, 3500 руб  per person if there are 1 person on a snow mobile.


Interactive programme. You will have interesting adventures with characters of fairy-tales on the clearing of the forest near the decorated New Year tree. The round dance with Farther Frost and Snow Maiden selected from your staff will wait for you. You will be able to help Farther Frost to return his stick that was stolen by envious Old Witch and hear the good wishes of Farther Frost before the night time. Contests and dancing on fresh air. Price: 400 rub per person


“Zarnitsa” (Soviet military sport game) in the country club “Denisov Myis”. The official start and division in teams happen with the musical support. Overcoming of such tasks as: shooting from a real arbalest, skiing contest, game with a huge ball, bobsleigh on snow plates, round on huge sausages. Official announcement of the results of the game and handing out the medals.. Price: 1 000 rub per person


Riding on air cushion “Hivus”. We offer you to ride on the air cushion on the area of the iced Lake Syamozero. Harsh curves, turns on 360 degrees, clouds of snow – these can be an ecstasy. Spend your time with fun and get the sincere happiness of real extreme. The air cushion is an absolutely safe driving vehicle. Price: 500 rub per person